George Laub (1814-1880)

Autobiography of George Laub (1814-1880)
Typescript, HBLL
p.1 Nauvoo City January the 1st, 1845

p.1 Now I George Laub do give an account of my life and journal to whom it may concern. I lived with my father till I was about eight years of age.

p.1 My father’s name was John he being classed with the laboring men to till the earth and earn his bread by the sweat of his brow as God gave command to our first parents. Having a family of seven children, six of us brothers and one sister. The names I will now assert from the older to the younger. The name of the firstborn was Conred, John the second, Washington the third, and George the fourth, which is myself. Isaac the fifth, Jacob the sixth and my sister Elizabeth the seventh; she being my only sister.

p.1 There was I. Three older and three younger and since I have embraced the gospel, it oftimes seemed to me having been born in the meridian of my fathers family to become a savior to my lineage since I came into the covenant of the celestial law. I will proceed to my former. Being about eight years of age my father was taken with the bloody flux and died.

p.1 We was left to be scattered among strangers. Shortly after my mother broke up housekeeping and I was lucky enough to fall into the hands of a good man whose name was George Weydler, he having no children adopted me into his family by the gentile order. My mother agreed with him that I should live with him till I was of age according to the gentile law.

p.1 – p.2 My mother then went and lived with her brother. Sometime after that she married another husband and had two children and then the first of the children died. The second took sick also and my mother also of the pluracy in the head and they both died at the same time. Both were buried in the same grave. I was then about fourteen years of age, but I was nourished by my old friend as a father would take care of his own child. He gave me a limited education of two years, but my mind was fixed for more learning. I then had a companion under the same circumstance and we would meet on the Sabbath Day and spend our time in reading history of some kind in order to gain education. He was the nearest neighbor and his name was John Eaby. Thus we proceeded till I was about eighteen years of age. I then made application to my old friend to learn a trade which was granted to me.

p.2 I then went to my employer to commence the carpenter trade. But I happened to fall into cruel hands so I made my time short with him, but six months. I then returned home again and stayed but a very short time till I chose another to finish my trade. His name was George Bailey. He lived in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Honeybrook Township, a small town, Waynesburg (for I was born in the same state but in the adjoining county called Lancaster and township of Earl). I stayed with him three years when I worked for him. The second year I became acquainted with a young man by the name of William H. Given. He worked in company with us. We became intimate and we were favorites. His parents lived in the same neighborhood. I used to go home and spend the sabbath with him and his parents set great store by me.

p.2 – p.3 They being Methodist and William also. So he often spoke to me concerning religion and persuaded me to seek for the same. I went to the anxious seat as they call it, very anxious to embrace religion. There were three nights I went forth. They used to tell me I should believe I had it, and I would have the same. But this was impossible for me to do and I tried all I knew but could not believe any such unreasonable doctrine. But I used to hear them say one to another that I have religion if I only would believe so, but I knew my case better then they did. So after a long trial, I arose upon my feet and then they gave glory for me, but I for my part felt worse then before. But they took my name down as a member of the society. I thought that a man should belong to some society so I remained with them during that season. Then the Latter-day Saints were heard in my old neighborhood this same John Eaby then having embraced the gospel spoke to me concerning the Saints. But I thought I would do where I was for I had my understanding darkened so I could not see, but I was anxious to hear them.

p.3 – p.4 Brother Davis then obtained a school room in Cambridge and I went to hear him preach. I found no fault but could not understand. Yet I could remember the greater part of his sermon. He preached concerning the woman flying in the wilderness. Shortly after he preached again, then Calib Jones was there to oppose him. Brother Davis then preached on revelations that the human family would have to receive to understand the principles of God. And when through gave opportunity to any if they found any fault. Jones rose to oppose but the crowded house laughed him to shame for he showed his ignorance to the people. I then began to understand the rights and wrongs so I spoke very much in behalf of the Mormons. They then called me a Mormon which insulted me very much for my companions told me they would forsake me if I would follow them. So I heard Brother Snow, Brother Deem, and Brother Downing. I then commenced searching the scriptures and found the same as I had heard from them. I then prayed that I might understand the truth. I prayed often and my memory was strengthened and I had my understanding opened to the truth but dare not leave. My old parents know of the mind that was in me for they were against the Latter-day Saints. But I oft times would go to see them and ask of them for knowledge and I would read the scripture till nine and ten o’clock at night and rise in the morning at three and four (for I was at home then). They then told me they thought I was getting to be crazy but I knew how crazy I was, for I heard truth and I was crazy for more. I then was able to advocate the cause fully. So then I forsook the Methodist and my good name and went forth and I was baptized by James Downing. I rejoiced greatly.

p.4 I was baptized and confirmed a member on the 12th day of March in the year of our Lord 1842. But I didn’t tell my old parents until they asked me. I told them I did and knew it to be the truth of God from heaven, or else there was no truth to be found. I silenced them by quoting scripture. I rejoiced in the truth which I found, for I would not give if for worlds and not enjoy the same, for I know it is the truth from heaven and feel the power. Now these are the acts of my life. I close on this at present.

p.4 Chapter 2

p.4 Now I will proceed to tell of these things after my baptism and confirmation a member in the Church. I then went to work at my trade that summer. I was oft times asked questions concerning the gospel. I told them the principles on this. They tried to scorn me, but I would expound such scriptures to them as would silence them in all things. This gave me great joy for they would not ask me many things, so I made preparation for Zion where the Lord had appointed for our gathering place and build a house unto his name and to receive our ordinance in that house for ourselves and for our dead friends.

p.4 – p.5 So shortly before our departure from the east or our nativity, for there was about thirty of us to go in company from that part. Now this drew near our time of leaving from that place. There were two elders came to our branch and they selected myself and Brother John Wickel to be ordained Elders to preach our way to the place appointed for the gathering. We were then ordained under the hands of Brother Ezra Hayes and Brother William, G. Sterrett. I then, and Sterrett then went forth to preach to the region round about. We passed through Lancaster City and from thence to Mount Nebo and thence to Georgetown and when we returned I then was ready to take my leave of the brethren with my companion (for his father was teacher in that branch and told us publicly that he saw myself and his son ordained and traveling together and preaching. This he said was a vision and now part fulfilled).

p.5 Now it was but a few days till our departure. I then went and told my sister the truth of the gospel and told her [of] my departure. I told her if she would go with the company that I would take her to my care. To this she consented and we oft times met together and fasted and prayed. I told her that if she seen the truth she should obey the gospel. There was then an elder there by the name of Clark who baptized her and they confirmed her a member to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

p.5 But in this time I was making my way to my companion John Wickel. I then asked him of his readiness. He told me that he would not go till his father would go. This was then a disappointment to me. I told them that I thought if the vision was true they were going contrary to the will of God, or else the old man told a lie and charged it to God. I told them I had made a covenant and I would not brake the same. I then started and left some money with Brother Sterrett as we had been saying something concerning the money. But I would not give it to him for I thought a man that would lie would cheat.

p.5 – p.6 Now concerning this money I will tell the story. I had some money coming to me which I did not know if I would receive till the time of my departure and as the father of John Wickel was not going till sometime after, I told him I would leave the bill of demand with him and he should bring it out for me. He said he would do so for me, but as luck happened I received it myself. This ended that part of the contract. But still I told him I would leave some for him if he had not enough to take him, I would leave some. But Brother Hayes told me not to do so, for he had more money than we were aware and he was doubtful of him ever going together. This gave me doubt myself and I left the money in Brother Sterretts hands to bring to me if Wickel did not come, this I thought was the wisest plan according to his conduct towards me.

p.6 But when I was on my journey there was such a thought struck my mind that a man that would use me thus was not worthy of my assistance. So I wrote back to Brother Sterrett to hold that money till I would see him or else to send it out to me if he had a good opportunity. He wrote to me [and] he would do so for me. When Wickel came out I found he had seventy dollars more than they wanted. But I and this John Eaby had bought a house and lot in partnership and we took Wickel and his family in and comforted him for I forgave him and them all their misusage towards me, for I consider his turn serves mine, and mine his.

p.6 – p.7 Now I started on the journey myself to fulfill my covenant. I then told the brethren I would perhaps meet them at Pittsburgh as that was the head of the navigation. That was [a] 230 miles journey; this was a very hard route for traveling. I started without purse or scrip as the ancients used to travel and preach the gospel. But I could scarce get anything to eat on my journey. Sometimes I traveled two days and a half with scarce anything to eat and had to sleep in the barns for my nights rest because the hardness of the people. But I came to Pittsburgh and stayed with some of the brethren there till the company came. One of our brethren and sisters I found there was a great contention there amongst the brethren, a dividing spirit and as it happened. I did not understand all the order of the Church. There was a man there who asked me to rebaptize him. This I did without asking the presiding elder but I was soon informed of my error and chastised. But I done my part out of pure motives. He was then confirmed into the church again (his name was Spratley).

p.7 By this time our company came to the shores of Pittsburgh. We then took boat on the new world so called and sailed on to the gathering place and we landed safe on Zion’s shores with joy and gladness by meeting our old acquaintances who bid us welcome. They were brethren who had gone before from our neighborhood. We then went to see the prophet and was introduced to him and shook hands for joy of seeing our Prophet Joseph Smith.

p.7 I then was in the city [Nauvoo] for five weeks without work. I desired to labor, then I got into work at the prophets house with Coledg, a joiner. I worked for him sometime then I joined on my own hand and found constant work after that time.

p.7 Now we were taught from the mouth of the prophet from sabbath to sabbath by the mouth of the Prophet and he spoke with great power and much assurance and expounded the scriptures to us in sure speeches that it could not be misunderstood . He also told us the will of the Lord concerning our present state and this was as nourishing to my soul as the food was and is to the hungry man. He told us how to walk before the Lord and how to lead a happy life, exhorting us to obey council to these words. Also to add works to our faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, brotherly kindness, and charity, with all to make our calling and election sure; for if these things abound in us we will neither be barren nor unfruitful and our spirits bore and do bare witness of his teachings that they are from God and they are true. And the various denominations know nothing about Jesus or of the Father or of truth or of knowledge as it consists in God. But I will show the true principles of the doctrine of Jesus Christ in its purity.

p.7 Concerning the Principles of the Gospel

p.7 – p.8 Now there is a true and perfect order and plan of salvation. A perfect rule for the salvation of man. Now we know when anything is perfect there cannot anything be added or taken from lest it will render that imperfect, and if our earthly fathers tell us to do anything if we will not obey them they will not be pleased with us and they will chastise us and if we still resist, then they will cast us off and they will not give us any part or lot of their inheritance until we are willing to obey their commands, and then they will have mercy on us. But if they make their will and die, they leave it to some of the heirs as overseer to us and when we become obedient to the will of the one they leave it to, then we can partake of that blessing left for us, and if not then it is bequeathed to our heirs and so on and our state has become miserable.

p.8 Now Jesus Christ laid a plan of salvation that by our obedience to the commands of the father, we may be saved and save those also who were disobedient afortime, that they might live according to God in the spirit of what men do for them in the flesh.

p.8 – p.9 Now the ordinance of Jesus was to come to the knowledge of truth that we were aliens from the truth and that we should repent of our alliance and forsake them and obey his commands that we might be grafted in by baptism and have hands laid on for the reception of the Holy Ghost and that will lead us to do the will of the Father. By the obedience of all the commands then we are true sons of God, heirs and joint heirs of Jesus Christ our Elder Brother, for the seal will be placed upon our heads by the servants of God or by the sons of God in obedience. When Jesus was upon the earth there was a certain one standing at the door and told Jesus that his mother was at the door. He answered who is my mother, and looked upon his disciples and said he that doeth the will of my Father in Heaven the same is my mother and my brethren and my sisters.

p.9 April the 6th, 1844

p.9 By Joseph Smith our Prophet: Concerning Spirits

p.9 First of all, or in the beginning, the great Elohim in the Hebrew meaning the God of all Gods, called a Grand Council and counseled to form that planet on which we do now dwell. They spoke and earth from chaos sprang by their workmanship. Chaos being made into element. They saw till time should be no more and they spoke concerning redemption of this world and formed limited circumstances concerning the redemption. Jesus Christ being the greater light or of more intelligence, for he loved righteousness and hated iniquity, he being the Elder Brother presented himself for to come and redeem this world as it was his right by inheritance. He stated he could save all those who did not sin against the Holy Ghost and they would obey the code of laws that were given. But their circumstances were that all who would sin against the Holy Ghost should have no forgiveness neither in this world or in the world to come, for they strove against light and knowledge after they tasted of the good things of the world to come. They should not have any forgiveness in the world to come because they had a knowledge of the things of the world to come and were not willing to abide of the laws of the world to come. Therefore they can have no forgiveness there, but must be most miserable of all and never can be renewed again (referred to Hebrews Ch. 6).

p.9 – p.10 But Satan, or Lucifer, being the next heir and had allotted to him great power and authority even prince of power of the air. He spake immediately and boasted of himself saying send me I can save all and [he] sinned against the Holy Ghost because he accused his brethren and was hurled from the counsel for striving to break the law immediately. There was a warfare with Satan and the gods and they hurled Satan out of his place and all them that would not keep the sayings of the council. But he himself being one of the councilors would not keep the first estate for he was one of the sons of perdition and consequently all the sons of perdition become devils.

p.10 How came spirits? Why they are and were self existing as all eternity and our spirits are as eternal as the very God is himself and that we choose tabernacles for ourselves that we might be exalted equal with God himself and therefore, Jesus Christ spoke in this manner; I do as my Father before me did. Well what did the Father do? Why he went and took a body and went to redeem a world in the flesh and had power to lay down his life and to take it up again and this is the way we become heirs with God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. But those who die without the obedience of the gospel here will have to obey it in the world of spirits for so long as they do not obey they will be miserable and as if they were in torment of fire and brimstone. Thus is the signification of torment and as there are many mansions in my Father’s house or in other words many worlds in my Father’s world, I will go and prepare a place for you that where I am ye may also come. For we are to go from glory to glory and as one is raised to a higher, so the next under him may take his degree and so to take the exaltation through the regular channel. When we get to where Jesus is, he will be just as far ahead of us again in exaltation.

p.10 Thus as one star differs from another, so does one glory differ from another. And our bodies are in like fashion as He is Himself and Jesus Christ likewise. But says the English translation, in the beginning God created all things out of nothing, but there was never anything yet that was made of nothing. Shame to such logic. The word in the Hebrew is thus; when the Gods counseled together they rolled this earth in existence.

p.10 – p.11 This is the theme of the word, beginning, and the word, hell, signifies spirits [and] prison of spirits. But the murderers are as if they were in a burning place as if it were fire and brimstone. This is the signification of hell burning with fire and brimstone and all these that are not adopted into the kingdom by baptism are in some degree punished according to their works, for their conscience are gnawing them because they know not what will become of them. Till someone in the flesh, till someone proximates for them and pays the utmost farthing for them, they may live in the spirit according to what men do for them in the flesh. Thus they are to live according to God in the spirit for what men do for them in the flesh, or else why are we baptized for the dead if the dead rise not at all. For if we are planted to gather in the likeness of his death and burial, then shall we rise again in the likeness of his resurrection and buried in baptism, put under the water in the liquid grave and thus do we become saviors on Mount Zion.

p.11 Nauvoo by Joseph Smith Prophet concerning God’s witness

p.11 – p.12 Revelations 14:6-7, the original translation of John reads thus; and I will send you another witness and he shall preach this gospel to all nations to the ends of the world. But woe to that man or woman who shall lift up his or their hands against Gods witness for they are raising their arm against the power of God and they will be cursed. But in these times in the last days there will [be] many false prophets arise and false teachers and deceive many, they shall have many followers by their deceit. They strive to get power and by their pernicious ways lead off many. For Brother Joseph Smith was chosen for the last dispensation, or seventh dispensation, the time the Grand Council set in heaven to organize this world. Joseph was chosen for the last and greatest prophet to lay the foundation of God’s work, therefore the Jews asked John the Baptist if he was Elias or Jesus or that great prophet that was to come. And the Devil, or Lucifer, also organized his kingdom in apostacy to overthrow gods and he became a Son of Perdition.

p.12 Concerning the Kingdom

p.12 In my Fathers kingdom are many kingdoms or worlds or in my Fathers house are many mansions. I will go to prepare a place for you, and according to your works you shall be rewarded. These who will not obey the gospel will go to the world of spirits there to stay till they have paid the utmost farthing or till some person pays their debts they owe. Now all those who die in the faith go to the prison of spirits to preach to the dead in body but they are alive in spirit and those spirits preach to the spirits that they may live according to God in the flesh. Spirit and men do minister for the flesh and angels bare the glad tidings to the spirits and they are made happy by these means. Therefore those who are baptized for their dead are the saviours on Mount Zion.

p.12 They must receive their washings and their annointings for their dead, the same as for themselves till they are connected to the ones in the dispensation before us and trace their lineage to connect the priesthood again. And if any man preaches any other gospel then this and the baptism for the remission of sins and the laying on of hands for the reception of the Holy Ghost, let him be anathematized or accursed the curse of God shall be upon him or them.

p.12 Concerning Resurrection

p.12 – p.13 Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God or the kingdom that God inhabits. But the flesh without the blood and the spirit of God flowing in the veins in the stead of the blood for blood is the part of the body that causes corruption, therefore, we must be changed in the twinkling of an eye or have to lay down these tabernacles and leave the blood [and] vanish away. Therefore Jesus Christ left his blood to atone for the sins of the world that he might ascend into the presence of the Father for God dwells in flaming flames and he is a consuming fire. He will consume all that is unclean and unholy and we could not abide his presence unless pure spirits in us, for the blood is the corruptible part of the tabernacles. For the resurrection of the dead is devised to take away corruption and make man perfect or in the glory which he was created for the body is sown in corruption and raised in incorruption, then we will be able to go in the presence of God. Brother Joseph Smith was sent to remind the world of sin of righteousness and of a judgment that was to come, but this is that of what John says in his 14th chapter but he says of sin of righteousness and of a judgment to come to reprove the world. This is wrong translated, for to remind [the world] is the correct way.

p.13 Concerning Those who Hear the Gospel

p.13 – p.14 Now concerning these who know the gospel and do not obey but fight against it will be shut up in prison under condemnation and shall not be visited till many days hence (Isaiah 24th chapter). Then some person has to redeem them by making a forfeit of some payment for them. Now the name of Adam in Hebrew signifies read earth, [?] Cain signifies possession, Abel denotes sorrow, [and] Elohim signifies God. Now the history of Josephus on speaking of angels came down and took themselves wives of the daughters of men (see Genesis 6:1-2). These were resurrected bodies violated their laws. Now in the days of Noah there was a man the name of Nimrod, he being the first one that sought after as of himself. After the flood God commanded the people to spread over the earth but they would not and stayed upon the high lands for fear of another deluge. But Nimrod rose up and said he could withstand God. He said come let us build a tower higher then the water can raise and I will go up and fight this God. This is the account Josephus tells us, but God confounded their language and they were obliged to scatter abroad over the land.

p.14 Now Babylon signifies confusion. Now Joseph, another to come [to] Moab. Do the father lay with the daughter? Ammon denotes one of a kinsfolk; Isaac denotes laughter, for when the angel told Abraham that they should have a son, Sarah laughed. Jacob do weakness and Israel strength.

p.14 Again 2 Corinthians 5:1, a house not made with corruptible hands for there is not anything made without hands as a building. Now I will tell the story of the designs of building the tower of Babel. It was designed to go to the city of Enoch for the veil was not yet so great that it hid it from their sight so they concluded to go to the city of Enoch. For God gave him place above the impure air for he could breath a pure air and him and his city was taken, for God provided a better place for him. For they were pure in heart for it is the pure in heart that causes the Zion to be. And the time will come that Enoch and this city will come again to meet our city and his people our people and the air will be pure and the Lord will be in our midst forever.

p.14 Hyrum Smith the Patriarch: The Plurality of Gods

p.14 – p.15 1 Samuel 28:13; the woman was a woman of God, possessed of the Spirit of God, and as Samuel was sealed to his wife and family in the everlasting covenant of the sealing power. Therefore, they all had to come with him because he was the head of the family and the woman had power with God to go to the world of spirits and bring him forth. Therefore she cried with a loud voice, and then said, “I saw Gods ascending out of the earth as being many.” (see Exodus 22:28) Thou shalt not revile the Gods nor curse the rulers of the people (see Psalms 82). I have said, “ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most high.” (see Exodus 28:1) I God, stand in the congregation of the mighty; he judges among the gods (see John 10:34-35). Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law I say ye are gods if ye call them gods unto whom the word of God came and the scripture cannot be broken (see Revelations 1:6) and hath made us kings and priest unto God and his father to him be glory and dominion forever and ever.” This showing us of more gods then one but as we are only to worship the one we must know how to pay reverence to him and where his abode is and what relation we sustain to him and how to approach him, and unless He reveals Himself to us we know nothing concerning Him. Therefore, by obedience of the commandments we are heirs of God and joint heirs to Jesus Christ (see 1 Corinthians 8:5). For though there be that are called gods whether in heaven or in the earth, as there be gods many and lords many, but to us here is only one God, the Father of whom are all things and we in him and one Lord Jesus Christ by whom are all things and we by him (see Joel 2:32). And it shall come to pass that in Mount Zion shall be deliverance or redemption for your dead and in Jerusalem. And these that will not be redeem or do not be redeemed, the ancients shall come and redeem in their glory. Then saviors, or in other words gods, will come on Mount Zion and so ends thus.

p.15 By Brother Joseph Smith, Prophet

p.15 The scripture says I and my Father are one and again, that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are one (1 John 5:7). But these three agree in the same thing. So did the Saviour pray to the Father; I pray not for the world but for those whom ye gave me out of the world that we might be one or to say be of one mind in the unity of the faith.

p.15 – p.16 But everyone being a different or separate person and so is God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost separate persons. But they all agree in one or the self same thing. But the Holy Ghost is yet a spiritual body, and waiting to take to himself a body as the Saviour did or as God did or the gods before them took bodies. For the Saviour says the works that my Father did do I also and these are the works. He took himself a body and then laid down his life that he might take it up again and the scriptures say those who will obey the commandments shall be heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. We then also took bodies to lay them down and take them up again, and the spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God and if children then heirs, and of God, and joint heirs with Jesus Christ if so be that we suffer with him in the flesh that we may be also glorified together (see Romans 8:16-17).

p.16 The Plurality of Gods and the Different Worlds by Hyrum Smith

p.16 Now I say unto you that there are lords many and gods many but to us there is but one God; the Father and Jesus Christ the First Begotten who is made equal with God so that He Himself is a God and now the work that the Father done did he do also and so there is a whole train or lineage of Gods and this world was created by faith and works the same as if a man would build an house. He knew where the materials were and he believed he could build or do the work of that building for he understood the science of building, and by faith He joined the work with His own hands and completed that building; the same way was this world by faith and works and by understanding the principle and it was made by the hands of God or gods.

p.16 – p.17 It was made of element, or in other words of chaos, it was in chaotic form from all eternity and will be to all eternity and again they held council together that they might roll this world into form as all other worlds are made showing you by the building of a house as a sample or a figure. And in my Fathers house are many mansions or in my Fathers world are many worlds; I will go and prepare a place for you. And then if there are many worlds then there must be many gods, for every star that we see is a world and is inhabited the same as this world is peopled. The sun and the moon is inhabited and the stars (Jesus Christ is the light of the sun), the same as this earth but anyone of them are larger than this earth. And many that we cannot see without a telescope which are larger then this earth and they are under the same order as this earth is undergoing and undergone the same change.

p.17 There was and is a first man Adam, and a Saviour in the meridian of time, the same computing time and all in all and all things in order. And many things are to be considered that will bring knowledge to our understanding but the foolish understand not these things. For this world was patterned after the former worlds or after former mansions.

p.17 City Nauvoo 1843

p.17 I landed in the city on the 9th of May, [1843] having then endured 19 days journey by water and by land which was a joyful home to me. And longing to see the prophet I then had the opportunity of striking glad hands with him and my heart leaped in me for joy for I had greater affection towards him then for any person on the earth. I viewed the temple, then I remembered my night vision I had when yet in the eastern countries seeing the temple in the same form as it really was, and the city the same.

p.17 – p.18 After having been in the city not over 40 days till brother Joseph and his wife were going to visit her relations about 70 miles up the Mississippi River. All being peace at home save a few false brethren who sought to overthrow or destroy his happiness, who gave notice to his enemies of Missouri and the plan was then devised to take him to Missouri and kill him. There was a man named Harmon Wilson who followed him under the pretense of an old writ took him. But the Lord was with him that night and told him what to do so he escaped the hands of his enemies and brought them to shame and confounded them that they were in fear and great trouble of themselves. He then told us that was the forty-second suit brought against him falsely and he always was cleared by the law of the land.

p.18 But there was writ after writ served on him but always under false pretense, so at length Brother [Sidney] Rigdon was accused of some of the cause of his troubles which caused a conference to be called and Joseph told us he did not want him for his councilor anymore. That if the people put him there they might, but he said I will shake him off (and shook hands on them words with Rigdon). And so the voice of the people put him in again through the mercy plead by brother Hyrum Smith.

p.18 There was yet many things occurred that are too tedious for me at present but are written in some of the record of the church. It was sometime after that the Laws and the Fosters and the Higbees apostatized from the church and caused much trouble. They went so far even as to establish a printing press [Nauvoo Expositor] in the city to excite the minds of the people, our enemies, and the city council. Our city charter granted us the privilege to remove all nuisance out of the city as was called or declared a nuisance by the city council, so the printing publication was declared a nuisance and destroyed immediately. This caused a mob law or a mob to collect in the surrounding country and some of the brethren murmured of; this they thought it was wrong.

p.18 – p.19 But Brother Joseph called a meeting at his own house and told us that God showed to him in an open vision in daylight that if he did not destroy that printing press that it would cause the blood of the Saints to flow in the streets and by this was that evil destroyed. And I write what I know and seen and heard for myself; then there was a writ served again and the mob was gathering around and threats breathed against us in all quarters by our enemies. And for our security Brother Joseph being Lieutenant General of the state’s army, called out the [Nauvoo] legion and we were on our guard for about 15 days while our enemies was striving to find some law to arrest Joseph, but they got false writs and false witnesses to draw us out of the city.

p.19 Brother Joseph called the city counsel together and asked them if they would stand by him. He also told them if they did, or would not, he would leave then and go where he could raise up a people that would stand by him. He also called the legion together and got up on the house and asked them if they would stand by him if the governor of the State Illinois would turn mobocrat. This he asked thrice in succession and the voices were unanimous, he said it is enough. He then related their designs; the enemy was to kill him. He then told us many things concerning their hellish designs and there was a man [by] the name of Joseph Jackson who was seeking deeply for his life and told us that Jackson told him he had killed four men previous to that. He then cursed him in the name of the Lord for his evil designs and it was but a few days till he gave himself and Hyrum his brother to be tried by the law for the writ demanded Hyrum also. They were two innocent men and always lived above the law of the land and the enemy knew this and hated them greatly. They were taken out to Carthage and committed of jail without a trial, contrary to law or justice.

p.19 – p.20 But Joseph told us before he went there that he would be slain there but said he, they will slay an innocent man and while he was in jail the mob came on and said the law will not reach him, but powder and lead or balls will. So the two brothers fell martyr in the prison and at the prison walls by four balls being shot in each of them while [Willard] Richards escaped unhurt and John Taylor received four balls also but was not killed. These two last were two of the twelve apostles of Latter-day Saints. The governor [Thomas Ford] was in our city about the same time the death happened; so ended the lives of two as good men as ever trod upon this earth save one, Jesus Christ. And perhaps I may say more of them at some further period.

p.20 Concerning the Governor of the State of Illinois

p.20 In the meantime while our beloved brethren was yet in the city of Nauvoo, the governor [Thomas Ford] of the state was sent for but before the ambassadors reached his place of abode the governor came to the place of our enemies rendezvous which was Carthage, the county seat of court. There they got him persuaded to follow after their designs and by the movements which he followed after was of such a nature as to satisfy me that he sanctioned their designs by all means. For after the murders was pursued and taken up they were bailed out of prison which was contrary to the laws of our land. Such never was known of at anytime before since liberty was declared in our land, as to have murders being rescued from prison after being found guilty. As Pilate said to the death of Jesus Christ, he told the Jews take him and crucify him, but I find no fault in the man and this seems to me was our governors voice.

p.20 – p.21 But as I have digressed some, I will now return again to the subject. When Joseph and Hyrum Smith, our prophet and patriarch whom God had set in the Church, gave themselves to the trial of the law of the land. The Governor Ford insured them his protection under the pledged faith of the state of Illinois and after that broke the pledge and had them thrown in jail and disbandoned the Smiths’ friends and set his hottest enemies around the jail to guard the jail to preserve the lives of the prisoners. But while there was yet planning and devising plans in them or in the court house they sent some of the officers to bring them to the courthouse. But the keeper knowing their demand was not lawful being an honest man.

p.21 So he told them the demand was not good and he would not let them go. So they told the governor this and he replied, have you not force enough to bring them out by force and no defiance for law and he yet pledged his honor that the law should protect these four men. But the day that the mob martyred these men the governor started from Carthage to visit the City Nauvoo and the friends of the Smith’s was disbanded and the enemy to guard them. And I think he was about to give them a good chance and took his leave while the murder was committed by a set of ruffians whom God will judge when he comes to seek those who are guilty of blood of innocence. Again when the governor came into our city he gave us of the grossest insults. He commanded us to lay down our weapons and let our religion shield us. He also told us to not try to make anymore outbreak just as if we had been inquiring the mob. This was a great insult, for we had insulted no man. After he had thus insulted us, he told us that if any of these apostates was missing that we had to atone for them, that the whole state would be on us and would burn our houses and kill men, women and children.

p.21 Now if any of these men would have concealed themselves we would to have suffered for their designs for we wrong no man. And when the governor returned to Carthage he met the messengers coming to our city to tell the horrid massacre of our brethren. But the governor took them back again. This affrighted the governor so when he came to Carthage he found the citizens fleeing and encouraged them to go. For said he, the Mormons will come and kill every soul, and thus they fled and no man pursuing.

p.21 Concerning our troubles from time to time before their [Joseph and Hyrum’s] death

p.21 – p.22 Now we were very much troubled with our enemies before this murder that we had to stand guard day and night for a long time. Sometimes had to lay all night out on our guard to keep the enemy from their evil designs. But the time our Prophets Joseph and Hyrum were taken out to their slaughter, Brother Joseph told us we should take good care of ourselves; that we were good boys and should obey the commandments. This was about the last words he spoke unto us to keep the commandments of the Lord. He then told the officer that his boys was only in one fault and that was, they were too good, too pure to live in this ungodly generation and so bade us take care of ourselves and farewell. I was well acquainted with these men. I loved them better then my own life and would it been any gain to save their lives, I would have forfeited my own for them. I mourned their lives thirty days, no more at present, Amen.

p.22 By Heber C. Kimball

p.22 If we become to be kings and priests unto God, we must make our children just as happy as they can be and we must be rulers over them to give them their inheritance and all these seventies [Quorum of] [?] must and will become presidents before 10 years from this December 31, 1844. For this work will roll on yet for two thousand years. There was much spoken concerning the times in Missouri and the time will come that we must go forth to put our enemies to flight by the power of the Holy Ghost. Then this band will play their music by the power of the Holy Ghost and then we will go forth in our dances for joy and that by the power of the Holy Ghost. But the time has not yet come for us to run through the city before it is cleansed, for it is not yet time. And preserve our president and his wife for we must receive our endowments through them. But it must be done in order. Everyone at his time as it comes through the channel beginning at the head and be patient and wait till time and turn comes and end.[?]

p.22 – p.23 By President Brigham Young concerning the Kingdom At the Dedication of the Seventy Hall

p.23 Now concerning organization of the kingdom of God is brought to pass, the Savior told his disciples, as he seen the Father do so does he and as Joseph Smith seen Jesus Christ do so does he and as I seen Joseph do so do I. Then follow me and I will lead you into the kingdom and if I do not, then [I’ll give] my soul for yours. All I want you to do is to obey my council [and] do what I tell you.

p.23 The kingdom is first organized with putting a head to it then the various members belonging to the body. First Joseph, then the twelve, then the high priests, then the seventy and elder, then the lesser priesthood, then the teachers, then the deacons, then the members. This fills the whole body, and if we take any of these offices away the body has a vacancy, or a chasm is in the body. But Christ is the head of all for he is our Elder Brother for we were once organized. Before God and Jesus was the first born, or begotten of the Father, and we were sent here upon this earth to choose bodies and dwell in the flesh as our Father who is in heaven.

p.23 God sent Adam first and Eve. He placed them in the garden, then he gave Adam a commandment to people this earth, to multiply and replenish and told him not to eat of the tree of forbidden fruit. But the devil being one of the organization of the heavenly body, third in power, prince of the air, he had a spirit like Cain. He saw that Jesus was the most acceptable before the Father; he loved righteousness and hated iniquity. This gave a jealousy to him and he began to accuse the brethren which soon hurled him. Adam and Eve then being sent to this earth, Satan then went forth and told Eve that she should know good and evil if she eat of it. And she did so, for he told her many truth and some lies.

p.23 – p.24 But yet this was the decree of the Father, for when he sent Adam on this earth he decreed it so that he might forget all about his former estate, and this is the way that God first introduced sin into the world, that man might be exalted and bring about the great purpose of God. For this was foreordained from before the foundation of the world that man might be exalted and first to descend below all things. That he or they might raise above all things as the Father did before us, and be able to create worlds and go from one world to another. Therefore, the heavens cannot contain him because he can go where he pleases, any that are no higher than himself. And this is what he wants us to do. And the relationship we sustain to God, is that we are sons of God and heirs, joint heirs with Jesus Christ for he is our Elder Brother. He came and partook a body as we did, left the Father that he might exalt himself and redeem this world among his brethren by establishing the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek and was a Savior to the brethren.

p.24 And now we are to be saviours of men of our brethren to redeem our dead friends and the friends of those who will not save their own friends, to exalt ourselves until we are all linked together again. For one dispensation will hand in their work after another till the Son Jesus hath them all, or our Elder Brother. And so we will return home again to our Father again who sent us that we may exalt ourselves and glorify Him who sent us. Then we shall have power to create worlds ourselves and rule them as Jesus did. For Jesus when upon this earth called the twelve disciples his brethren, and all who do the will of the Father in Heaven. And the scripture tells us also of the parable concerning the prodigal son who left his fathers house and went a far journey. Also that their is no other Father but one who is in heaven.

p.24 Nauvoo City, December 29, 1844

p.24 – p.25 From our Brother Amasa Lyman one of counselors to the twelve. David says in the Psalms; the law of the Lord kept by the Saints is to make the simple wise. Therefore, by us at the present time keeping the commandments will lead us in the deep treasures of God by obeying the things which our teachers whom God gave us as teachers in this seventh dispensation because darkness has covered the earth and also the minds of the people they actually taught. And there are many [who] do teach for doctrine the commandments of men and say they are the commandments of God while they are not of God, for they have been doing this the last fourteen hundred years and say the ways of the Lord are past finding out. This is a true saying, for the ways of the Lord cannot be found out, unless he reveals them unto men from the heavens. Therefore it is utterly impossible to find them out. But they must be given to us, they cannot be dug out any other way. They cannot be pulled down from the heavens unless revealed unto us from the Lord, for our present salvation.

p.25 – p.26 David received revelation for himself and in his dispensation so we must receive immediate revelation for ourselves and salvation at present. The many denomination talk of conversion which they do not understand. Now conversion consists of a change of things even to say that change from darkness to light, from error to truth, to have the understanding of the heart opened to the truth as it is in Jesus Christ. Therefore when we go out to teach the world of many denominations at this present time, we tell them the principles which God has revealed unto us, and if they want to know if we tell them the truth they must comply with the rules which was revealed unto us in these last days. And if they do obey with honest hearts they will know that we told them the truth for they will receive a testimony for themselves that we told them the truth. For this is all the way they can find out and no other way under heaven because God has revealed his will to one man and he to impart them to others. Therefore if we tell them they must repent and be baptized by immersion, or in other words by being buried in the water, that it may be an emblem of the resurrection of Jesus Christ by proper authority, one who is ordained by the laying on of hands. Else they do not know if we tell them the truth for they cannot find them out any other way. Therefore, they must comply with the order of commandments which we tell them or they cannot receive the Holy Ghost which must be given by the laying on of hands.

p.26 Now I say unto you, come try all what your teachers tell you and you will receive light and wisdom, knowledge and truth. Wash yourselves, keep yourselves clean for the Lord will have clean vessels and He is a God of order. Therefore we must have our bodies washed and anointed that we may be clean. Also our feet that we may receive our endowment and hands laid on to exalt ourselves to the highest glory and exaltation.

p.26 But there are some gone out from us that have no order. They ordained kings and priests and know not themselves nor understand the order of the kingdom. And they drew away some with them. But the time will come that they will say Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in thy name, cast out devils in thy name, laid hands on the sick and done many mighty works in thy name. But the Lord will say depart from me ye workers of iniquity for I know you not, for ye have not kept the commandments as it becomes Saints. Amen.

p.26 By Brother Kimball on Resurrection

p.26 – p.27 Now concerning the resurrection, there are different grades of resurrection; there is a first resurrection and second and third, fourth and fifth. And in the first part of it there will be great disappointments to many concerning their resurrection because they will not find, or be found in that rank they think to rise because of their neglect of duty in disobeying the commandments of God when they have the opportunity. And that the woman cannot attain to all that a man can in the priesthood, but they must have the husband by their side and he is to rule over them and receive the washing and anointing and the sealing power for them to be sealed together and to their kinder and these are certain keys and words that do not belong to the women but should the husbands fall away, then some other one will take his place, them sealed to him and take them to Him in His kingdom and they are to ask their husbands at home and their husband shall instruct them. But the woman is to rule the house and take charge of the children to instruct them righteousness and then when they are washed and anointed then he shall teach the woman and preside over all the family of his redeemed. This will make a man to be a God to his family for this is the order and organization of heaven.

p.27 Brother Brigham Young

p.27 – p.28 I will now give an account of the cause of the power of Satan reigning in the hearts of the children of men. They do not understand that he is the prince and power of the air. Therefore he is continually going about to seek to destroy the peace of the righteous and to gain them into his kingdom to reign with him, for if any man gives place or cause for him he will enter into him until that man or woman spews him out [and] casts him away from them, for Satan is a disembodied spirit who was cast out of heaven because of accusing their brethren. For he there stood next heir to Jesus Christ but Jesus loved righteousness and hated inequity and Satan was the worker of disobedience and he was cast out of his place and never got leave to take upon himself a body and then their was the third part of heaven followed him as those dissenters follow them that apostatize from the church of truth.

p.28 Now this is what causes contentions. Satan gets place in the hearts of men and will lead them astray by not watching, for if we give him no ground he will remove from us and will howl round us, accuse us of false accusations to have us punished if possible. Now there must needs be great care taken to give him no place in us. And he gets into beasts and all because they have no bodies. No, nor never will get bodies to be exalted because they kept not the first, or their first estate. Now we see if there are any possessed with devils they will froth and foam and cut themselves for they do not know what aileth them, for these spirits strive against one another trying to see who will be the greatest of them for they have no order nor organization that can reign in peace or order.

p.28 Concerning the Gifts

p.28 Now the office of the Holy Ghost concerning the speaking in tongues and prophesying we know these things are brought to us to know that there is such a thing but we cannot tell how we know or whence they came for it is utterly impossible for us to speak these in our natural tongue. But they can be uttered by the spirit and also the interpretation is given in the same way. Now this is that what the Saviour Jesus meant and said to Nicodemus in John 3, when he said the wind blows where it listeth, ye can hear the sound thereof but ye know not from whence it comes or wither it goes. So it is with everyone that is born of the spirit but he told Nicodemus that he spoke to him the things that he knew and understood and I bare witness of these that they are in our Church and are made manifest unto us in these last days by the power of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

p.29 March 12th 1842- A Memorandum for Ordinations

p.29 I, George Laub, was baptized by Elder James Downing of Latter-day Saints of Chester County Branch, Pennsylvania. I was confirmed by the hands of Elder Swanner and Downing and that of the presbytery of the laying on of hands was sealed on my head that I should turn many from the errors of their ways and convince them of the truth and to speak words astonishing to myself and prophesy in the name of the Lord. Baptized March 12, 1842.

p.29 I George Laub, was ordained an elder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints under the hands of Ezra Hayes and William G. Sterrett after the Order of Melchizedek. A priest and the blessing said on my head that I should have power over unclean spirits. Devils is to become subject unto me, I shall turn scores and convert them. I shall have many trials but I shall overcome them. I shall be bound in chains and be cast in prison, but the angel of the Lord shall deliver me from that prison house and there shall not anything overcome me if faithful. Even so. Amen.

p.29 Pittsburg, April 27, 1843 I, George Laub, baptized James Spratley into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

p.29 Nauvoo City April 9, 1845

p.29 I was ordained a seventy to the Quorum of the Seventies under the hands of Joseph Young and Brother Henry Herriman.

p.29 – p.30 George Laub, we the councilors of the seventies lay our hands upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ and by the authority of the Holy Priesthood and ordain you to the Seventies Quorum to be a swift messenger to the nations of the earth and you shall prosper in your going out and in your return. You shall bring your sheaves in and be loaded with them. You shall turn many yet from the errors of their ways, yea thousands. You shall have power over the evil one. Devils shall be in subjection to you and I say, dear brother be thou faithful and you shall go forth to conquer and you shall go forth to this generation and preach faith and repentance and they shall hear you, notwithstanding you shall have many trials but you shall overcome. These blessings we seal upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ even so amen.

p.30 April 10, 1845

p.30 I, George Laub, was ordained to the presidency of the 25th Quorum of the Seventies under the hands of Brother Levi (Hancock) and Brother Miles, to be a councilor to my brethren; and with them in righteousness, I shall have wisdom and knowledge given me to council in righteousness and to go to the nations of the earth and help to bare of this kingdom to the nations of the earth and help to gather them to the gathering places and to overcome the weak and transitions of this world with righteousness. And we seal all this power and authority of this priesthood upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ, even so. Amen.

p.30 Prophesy Delivered by Joseph

p.30 Now I will relate some of the prophesies that I heard our beloved Brother Joseph Smith declare while filled with the spirit of the living God in the name of Jesus Christ that if they put him in for ruler of this nation, he would save them and set them at liberty, but if they refused they shall and will be swept off that there will not be any more than a grease spot of them left.

p.30 – p.31 Also, while filled with the spirit he prophesied in the name of Jesus Christ that if the Missourian would not redress the wrongs of the Saints that the red hot wrath of Almighty God would be poured out upon them and the rulers of this nation also and the Missourians should be destroyed of a meaner people then themselves. This now we can see, cities on fire all over the United States which plainly fill this prophesy since that I heard him declare that prophesy. This they refused to give him the rule of the nations and refused to redress the wrongs of the Missourians, but killed the man of God.

p.31 Joseph and Hyrum Smith

p.31 Here fell two prophets at the same time in Carthage Jail. They died martyrs for the cause of Jesus Christ on the 27th of June, 1844. There was also two of the twelve in prison with them, the one was John Taylor, he was mortally wounded with five musket balls while Willard Richards escaped unhurt. This was done by a wicked mob of about 100 men who were in disguise as the aborigines of this continent, use the paint, or in other words the Lamanites.

p.31 Nauvoo Legion address by Joseph Smith

p.31 Now I will relate a few words of his last address to the Nauvoo Legion while upon a small building across the street opposite his dwelling. Thus, he spoke concerning some of the brethren are a whining, and he was sorry to see such proceedings. He addressed us with a lengthy discourse. I cannot remember all, but he told us that there were some men who were seeking his life with all schemes that could be devised and if they do kill me they will shed innocent blood. He spoke concerning Joseph Jackson by relating some of Jackson’s secret wickedness which he drew out of him and then said he, “Now Goddamn your soul if you tell on me, I will kill you for you told me nothing, and I never told any other person besides you. And he told me that he had murdered four men and made cat fish meat of them and the engagement of making bogus money and other wicked things thus he stated that he was now colleague with the mob.”

p.31 – p.32 Now the following proceedings in a few days after this, they were going to take their flight to hide themselves from their enemies. They crossed the river Mississippi, but some of the brethren grew tired and faint and fearful, least the enemy should come in on us and kill us our wives and children and burn our city. This the enemy threatened for to do if we would not give up our Prophets Joseph and Hyrum Smith. But the prophets knew their designs and to spare the lamentation and the brethren, they went forth themselves as sheep to the slaughter and died martyrs to the cause of Jesus Christ to save the people which caused us to mourn their loss greatly and we was very much troubled by the enemy. We had to watch day and night to keep the enemy from coming in on us and injuring us. Thus I lay out at night watching to prevent their invasion and we repelled them by so doing. Thus our trouble ceased for sometime after and there was peace in the state for nearly one year.

p.32 Mobbery and Burning Houses

p.32 – p.33 Now we hurried on in building our [Nauvoo] temple with all speed, but before we got it all together reared, there was another tremendous enemy arose and they used great hostility toward the brethren in the regions round about. They drove them out of their houses and some were sick and then burned their houses and set their grain on fire and destroyed nearly all they had. This was a time when Jacob B. Backenstos was the peace officer of this county. Now he immediately sued a proclamation for the rioters to cease their hostility, but it was all in vain. He issued the second and third, fourth and fifth but all did not avail much, so the sheriff ordered out a posse of men to go forth and stop it by force of arms. This was done and there was about two hundred went in one company. We marched on till night, from about twelve o’clock, and sometime about twelve o’clock that night we got to the place of rendezvous where we was welcomed by Colonel Marcum and a band of the brethren who had gone some few days before. We marched nearly to the enemy there. There were about five or six houses burned and while there were some in the act of burning, they were overtaken by the scouting party and three was shot dead thus frightened them so as to cease their burning for a short time.

p.33 And while we were in pursuit of Colonel Williams and Thomas Sharp, the mob or enemy crossed the river at Warsaw into the state of Missouri. This Warsaw was left desolate, save a few. There were also some of our company [that] marched onto Carthage and surrounded the town and took them prisoners, such as were guilty of crimes. But the city was in our possession for nearly two weeks and the twelve apostles was then indicted for treason, which I was called on by Brother Lee to be one of their life guards from our city to Carthage. This their trial came on and there was no charge found against them; they was honorably acquitted. Now there were companies sent forth to keep the peace of the county that the enemy might do no more injury. But as I am now writing I hear the sad news again of two of our brethren killed by the enemy. They were at or about their business and the enemy fell upon them.

p.33 Now we had formed a treaty with our enemies that if they would leave us alone and not trouble us till the coming spring 1846, that we would leave the United States and leave them to or for our peace. This we are now making ready for our journey that we might go to a place where we can enjoy peace and rear the standard of liberty and set up the kingdom of our God upon the earth as it is in heaven and break off the gentile yoke for we are oppressed all the day long. They are seeking our lives and our property and now we have a fine city here but first they took our charter then persecuted us severely. Now we are obliged to leave our properties for a sacrifice and I myself am obliged to leave a fine house and lot of the value of one thousand dollars to me. This was all undone.

p.33 – p.34 Now I was thrown into circumstances of want by sickness after this persecution took place so I was destitute almost of a home and as I sat contemplating there was a voice by the spirit spake saying, “Write a letter home to your old friend.” And the spirit also gave me words to write the truth as it was; I did as I was dictated. I hastened the letter and in about as short a time as could be, I received an answer and twenty dollars in money also requesting me to send again if I was in a suffering condition. And now I say in the name of Israel’s God, I want that man saved and brought forth in the morning of the First Resurrection for the Saviour said, “Inasmuch as you do it unto the least of these my brethren you have done it unto me.” This is my old friend Weydler, by him I was brought up to my manhood age of years. A friend like you is true sensation. I trust to gain for you salvation.

p.34 Endowment Commenced-December 12th, 1845

p.34 Now in this time I attached myself to John D. Lee’s family to become his adopted son in the order of God and obedience of the gospel. And in this time the endowment commenced in the House of the Lord, the temple in Nauvoo. John D. Lee was one amongst the first that was chosen to receive his endowment, etc. On the 19th of December, in one week after, I was also chosen to enter into the House of the Lord and received my washing and anointing, my endowment and keys of knowledge whereby to approach our Heavenly Father, signs and tokens and ordinations worthy of remembrances. Now I say unto you who knows who is anointed a king in Israel and a priest unto God therefore, I say unto you beware that you touch not the Lords anointed least you touch the apple of the lords eye and thou be cut asunder. Or do not speak evil of them least thou say ought against his children. Also how to detect false spirits or deceivers who profess to be apostles and are none. And the new name that none can read save him who receive it.

p.35 Now in this time I attached myself to John D. Lee’s family to become his adopted son according to the order of the law of God through the obedience of the Gospel. And this time the endowment commenced and John D. Lee was one among the first that was chosen to receive his endowment, And on the 19th of December, I was chosen to enter into the House of the Lord (or the temple) in Nauvoo to receive my endowment, my washing and my anointing, keys whereby to approach our Heavenly Father signs and tokens of the Aaronic and the Melchizedek Priesthood and ordination worthy of notice. Who knows who is ordained a king in Israel and a priest unto God therefore be aware least you trample or touch the Lord’s anointed and then you touch the apple of mine eye. Thus saith the Lord, and thus some profess to be apostles and when they are tried they are found liars. Also to detect false spirits. Also the new name that no one can read save him that receives the same.

p.35 Now while the endowment was continued on till the twenty fifth of December, our enemies were raging against us and came in with indictments against the Twelve for counterfeiting money. But there was a man stepped up to them and gave himself as if he was Brigham Young and the soldier took him in great haste until they were 20 miles from Nauvoo. Then they found that they had the wrong man whose name was William Miller. Now they are back again in search of the Twelve and many others thus we are tormented and endangered of losing our leading men whom God has placed at the head of his kingdom and the enemy are seeking their lives continuously.

p.35 After this I was permitted to enter into the [Nauvoo] temple frequently passing and repassing from one apartment to the other and the old and young men and maidens went forth in their dances. This was pleasing to the Lord.

p.35 January 6, 1846, Nauvoo

p.35 – p.36 This sixth day of January I took unto myself a wife one of the daughters of Benjamin Megenes whose name was Mary Jane. I left her at her father’s house for some time until I taught her the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So then she desired to be baptized and become a true follower of Jesus Christ. This caused my heart to rejoice exceedingly. Now on the first day of February she came forth to the waters of baptism and was baptized by Phineas Young in the Mississippi River and was confirmed into the Church by William Miller. Thus her blessings was that she should live to a good old age and should share the joys of the fullness of the priesthood and see the kingdom of God established upon the face of the earth and be useful in the kingdom.

p.36 This, with other promises, her father and mother was both members in the church.

p.36 Second Day of February

p.36 Mary Jane Laub, my wife, received her washing and anointing in the House of the Lord and her endowment. This I am present this day in the House of the Lord in Nauvoo at this time while I write. Now on the 3rd day at evening my father-in-law came to me and asked me to take his team to go in the first company. But as John D. Lee has appointed me to help to do and attend to his affairs as he was obliged to go with the first company and lay the foundation of another stake somewhere in the west as we are obliged to go from this place because our enemies are destroying our peace here and are seeking our lives daily to overthrow us or overthrow the kingdom of God.

p.36 While the remaining part of the Saints are to tarry here till the grass grows and water runs and we are prepared to go to sell our properties and fit ourselves to be comfortable for our journey. And I am willing to be subject to those who are my brethren set to council me, this I submit to tarry, notwithstanding I have a great desire to go with the brethren of the first company.

p.36 By Brother Amasa Lyman

p.36 – p.37 Law of adoption tended on the 5th of February 1846. I and my wife Mary Jane, with many others, were adopted into John D. Lee’s family. This I took upon myself the name of Lee in this manner; George Laub Lee and my wife’s name Mary Jane Laub Lee. This order of adoption will link the chain of the priesthood in such a way that it cannot be separated. By covenanting before God, angels, the the present witnesses we covenant together for him to be a father unto those who are sealed to him to do unto them as he would unto his own children and to council them in righteousness, and to teach them all the principles of salvation and to share unto them of all the blessings to comfort. These and all that are calculated to make them happy both in time and in eternity. Now we also did covenant on our side to do all the good for his upbuilding and happiness both in time and eternity. This was done in the house of the lord across the alter as was prepared for this purpose of ordinances, sealing of marriages.

p.37 Now on the same date on the 5th of February 1846, my wife Mary Jane was sealed to me a wife for time and eternity to be my companion and comforter and to fill up the measure of our creation. And we were sealed up unto eternal life to come forth in the morning of the First Resurrection and nothing can prevent us from coming forth in the First Resurrection. Only the sinning against the Holy Ghost which is the shedding of innocent blood or consenting to the same. Now when we were sealed to this order together with the promises given unto us by the power and spirit of the Lord, Father Lee being filled with the spirit embraced us in his arms and blessed us in the name of the Lord that we should become mighty upon the earth and our names to be honorable in all generations.

p.37 – p.38 The start of the first company on the 12th of February 1846, myself and John D. Lee, Nancy Lee and Polly Lee took up our line of march for the west for protection from our enemies who were seeking the lives of the twelve, or in other words part of the twelve, for they are obliged to flee from the United States to save their lives. Now this evening we got on a flat boat and crossed the Mississippi River into the state of Iowa where we encamped on the bank of Mississippi in Iowa. There many of the brethren struck their tents. I, George Laub Lee, was not going any further then to help them across then I passed across and recrossed the river and conveyed to them such things as they needed. This I stayed with them two nights. Now they took across from the state of Illinois one wagon, two horses, one cow and provision sufficient to sustain them for about two months or more.

p.38 Now on the 14th, I returned home again to the house of Father Lee and from thence I came to see my wife for she yet lived at her father’s house. There I remained a few days, then I returned again to my place of abode to commence making wagons for our journey in the spring and take charge of the things and affairs of Lee’s family and affairs as I was appointed to do so.

p.38 The age of my wife Mary Jane Megenes was born January 11, 1831, Bart Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and was baptized by Phenias Young on the 1st day of February, 1846, also confirmed. Birth of the first born February the 23, 1846. Mary Jane, my wife, had her first born. He was a son born in Hancock County, Illinois, Nauvoo City of Joseph February 23rd in the afternoon at half past one o’clock. His name shall be called Ephraim because he is the first born, Ephraim Laub.

p.38 Removal for the Camp

p.38 – p.39 Now on the 4th of March [1846,] I crossed the Mississippi River twist two times in the same day on a flat boat taking John D. Lee’s teams and goods across which after we had gone about the distance of one mile. We encamped at a house or rather called a halt and stayed all night. In the morning on the fifth day of March I returned to the city of Nauvoo again and from thence to my father- in-law where my wife continued while we were making preparations to go to the west as soon as grass grew and water run.

p.39 Now after John D. Lee had crossed the first time, the camp stopped several days in the Iowa territory in consequence of the cold weather and the snow storms. Then he returned and took the residue of his family. This was on the 4th day of March when I crossed with him and in the morning when I left him he desired very much for me to go with him but as circumstances was of such that I could not go at that time because I had not now arranged my business to take my departure at this time. So now I took my leave of them after wishing them peace and prosperity on their journey. I gave Father Lee the parting hand and we embraced each other in our arms for sorrow was in my heart to part with a good friend. Now there were in number in his last part of his family John D. Lee, Agatha and Rachel, Martha, Loiza, Horas B. Owens and wife, James Wolsey’s wife, and mother Wolsey, and Hyrum and Brother Workman’s son.

p.39 Now I had a house and one quarter of acre of lot, one block five of Hiberts second addition to the city of Nauvoo. The east half of the west half [of] the house I built myself of brick two story 14 feet by 20. It was worth unto me one thousand dollars. This I gave in to the trustees in trust for to help to remove the brethren who desired to go with us into the wilderness and I only reserved $200 for my own outfit which I took their note for payable on or before the first day of May. This was my sacrifice on my property.

p.39 – p.40 In sacrifice we are involved, our enemies are the cause then let us be faithful and true. The Lord has promised fourfold to you George Laub Lee. Now John D. Lee having started with the first company some ten or twelve days and as the camp tarried for good weather, John D. Lee came back for the residue of his family. This was in March and on the 5th day of March, he was on the Iowa shores. Thus I helped to remove his remaining part of his family and tarried with them on the night of the 4th of March. And on the 5th I returned to the city of Joseph, Nauvoo.

p.40 Rigdonism in 1845

p.40 Now after the death of General Joseph and Hyrum Smith there were one of the councilors of the First Quorum which consisted of three: Joseph and Hyrum Smith and Sidney Rigdon. But before his [Joseph Smith’s] death he called a special conference because of Rigdon’s negligence and declared he would have him no more for his councilor. If the people wants him there they may put him there but I will not have him any more. I will shake him off. And after Rigdon had made a few more remarks he said, if President Smith will have me no longer for his spokesman I will give him the parting hand of friendship and he wept upon which President Smith arose up immediately and gave him the parting hand, thus he shook him off from that time as I was present on that day. But the people having mercy upon him after Hyrum Smith plead for mercy for him and the voice of the people was in his favor because of the mercy that was plead for him by the Patriarch Hyrum.

p.40 – p.41 Now after the death of Joseph and Hyrum, [Sidney] Rigdon came from Pittsburgh (because Joseph had sent him there to get him out of his way as Rigdon desired to go) to claim the presidency of the Church to lead the church. But as the Lord would have his servant Brigham Young, the President of the Twelve, to come just in time to tell the people who was the false shepherd or who was the good shepherd. And Rigdon soon quaked and trembled and these things which he declared the day before to be revelations was then think so’s and guess so’s, and hope so’s and his words fell to the ground because they were lies from the beginning to the end and he was cut off from the Church and withered and his followers with him before two years (also before that one law arose and professed to be the leader of the Church, he was also cut off and withered and all his followers with him were soon heard of now more but both parties led some followers with them).

p.41 Now here arises another one who professes to have revelations given him and declares to be appointed by Joseph the Prophet and ordained by an angel which is contrary to the dispensation of the works of God, for he declared that he would not give this kingdom to any other people. But James J. Strang wrote many revelations and that to his own condemnation because they contradicted his own sayings and brought him to naught. When he or his followers would go to debate and the truth or Mormonism swept their foundation so that they could not help themselves and thus he got many followers, even John E. Page, one of the twelve apostles who was a mighty orator at one time upon Mormonism. But upon Strangism he was not hard to beat but got beat often and he never was beat on [by] Mormonism. Thus we see many deceived and tossed to and fro by different winds of doctrine because they grew cold in the truth and negligent.

p.41 Now on the night day of March, our quorum which is the 25th, met to wind up the business of the quorum in Nauvoo and we had a barrel of wine. This we distributed in the quorum, also some oil which was quorum property.

p.41 A Present to me by Weydler

p.41 – p.42 Now in those days as I have said before that I wrote to my old friend Weydler again for assistance and his heart was softened the second time through my prayers to God for his assistance and he sent me the second twenty dollars. But he wrote to me on this wise saying [that] he did not believe that our religion was any better then any other because there are so many turning away from us. Now I took up my pen in hand and in answer to his I wrote the sayings of the apostle John in the days of Jesus Christ when he was teaching the disciples certain things and they turned away from him saying, who is able to stand by these saying and many turned away. Then the Savior turned to the twelve and asked them will ye also turn away. They answered where will we go Lord we know that thou hast the words of eternal life. And told him of the saying of Paul of the departing from the faith and reasoning upon scripture of these sayings and told him that it would not make the work false if they would turn away, that he might put me down for one of the same deniers of the works of God, for I say unto you if any man or woman turns away from this church are apostate from the Church of Jesus Christ. This I wrote him seven pages reasoning out of the scripture to him on principles of truth and righteousness. . . .