Pioneer Journals

Journals, Diaries, Biographies, Autobiographies and Letters of  Early Mormons

  • Abbreviations & Sources
  • Record of the Kirtland Elders Quorum (1836-1841)
    Joseph Smith left Ohio in January 1838. The record provides interesting insight into Kirtland happenings after the headquarters moved to Missouri and then Illinois.
  • Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886)
    Diary of trip from Boston to near the western limit of the U.S. at the time. Adams’ traveling companion was Josiah Quincy, Jr. Adams details his encounter with Joseph Smith. Holograph, Massachusetts Historical Society. Includes only the two day visit in May 1844.
  • William Adams (1822-1894) 
    Autobiography written at age 72, covering the period 1822-1849. Typescript, HBLL (Brigham Young University library).
  • Milo Andrus (1814-1893)
    Autobiography covering the period 1814-1875. Typescript, HBLL.
  • Caroline Angell (Holbrook) (1825-1908)
    Autobiography. Brief reminscience of life in Kirtland, Nauvoo, crossing plains. Repeats memories of martyrdom, also repeats (false) story of John Taylor’s watch saving his life. Mis-identifies jail where Joseph and others were incarcerated as Clay County jail. Obituary. Original in possesion of family.
  • Truman O. Angell (1810-1887)
    Autobiography and portions of journal covering period (1810-1856). Was architect of Salt Lake Temple. From Our Pioneer Heritage Vol. 10 (1967) pp. 195-213.
  • Benjamin Ashby (1828-1907)
    Autobiography covering the period 1828-1847. Nauvoo happenings. From photocopy of holograph HBLL.
  • George Washington Gill Averett (1824-1902)
    Autobiography covering the period 1824-1846. Typescript HBLL
  • Lewis Barney (1808-1894)
    Autobiography covering period 1808-1846. Typescript HBLL
  • Gilbert Belnap (1821-1899)
    Autobiography covering the period 1821-1846. Typescript HBLL
  • Ezra T. Benson (1811-1869)
    Autobiography of early LDS Apostle. Appeared in The Instructor Vol. 80 (1945).
  • Henry William Bigler (1815-1900)
    Autobiography covering the period 1815-1846. Typescript HBLL.
  • William Henry Bishop (1821-1884)
    Biographical notes covering the period 1821-1884. Brief scenes from the life of a founder of Fillmore, Utah.
  • Elizabeth Brotherton (1816-1897)
    Autobiography. Published in The Woman’s Exponent between December 1, 1890 and January 1, 1891. Methodist in Britain. Conversion began through reading pamphlet. Baptized by Brigham Young. Father’s blessing by Heber C. Kimball. Family eventually believes, they journey to the U.S. Shipboard sickness healed. Family leaves church (over her sister Martha’s introduction to plural marriage). Plural marriage to Parley Pratt, July 1843. Preaching of Joseph Smith. Shocked by Joseph’s death. Temple endowment. Journey west. Pratt on mission. Mormon Batallion. Winter quarters conditions. Arrival in Utah, “a barren desolate looking place.” Parley Pratt’s death. Testimony of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, etc.
  • Henry G. Boyle (1824-1902)
    Autobiography and diary covering period 1831-1846. Typescript HBLL.
  • Benjamin Brown (1794-1878)
    Autobiography covering the period 1794-1853. From early Church publication in Liverpool, England.
  • Lorenzo Brown (1823-1900)
    Autobiography and journal covering 1823-1846. Typescript HBLL
  • Harrison Burgess (1814-1883)
    Autobiography covering period 1814-1848. Published by Skyline Printing, 1985, Tucson, Arizona.
  • James Burgess (1818-1904)
    Journal note on May 1843 statement of Joseph Smith on the constitution..
  • William Burgess (1822-1904)
    Autobiography covering period 1822-1848. Published by Skyline Printing, 1985, Tucson, Arizona.
  • John Lowe Butler (1808-1861)
    Autobiography covering the period 1808-1858. Typescript HBLL.
  • William F. Cahoon (1813-1897)
    Autobiography covering the period 1813-1878. From Reynolds Cahoon and His Stalwart Sons (ed. Stella Shurtleff and Brent Cahoon) Salt Lake City: Paragon Press, 1960.
  • Anson Call (1810-1890)
    Autobiography covering the period 1810-1839. Typescript HBLL.
  • Solomon Chamberlain (1788-1862)
    Autobiography covering the period 1788-1850. Holograph HBLL. One of the first missionaries of Mormonism. Visions concerning restoration prior to Joseph Smith’s.
  • William Clayton (1814-1879)
    Diary covering the period 1840-1842. Holograph HBLL.
  • William Clayton (1814-1879)
    Compilation of Clayton diaries covering the period 1840-1846. Robert Fillerup, compiler. Clayton a friend and clerk of Joseph Smith 1842 and following. Clayton assists in writing the Church history. Records teachings of Joseph Smith. Active in temple matters. Plural marriage.
  • Harvey H. Cluff (1836-1916)
    Autobiography covering the period 1836-1846. Miracle of quail. Typescript HBLL.
  • Truman Coe 
    Newspaper article on the Mormons in Ohio. From The Ohio Observer (Hudson) August 11, 1836. Mormonism in Ohio.
  • Zebedee Coltrin (1804-1887)
    Various statements by Coltrin on Early LDS history in Kirtland, Ohio.
  • Howard Coray (1817-1908)
    Autobiography and journal covering the period 1817-1844+. Typescript HBLL.
  • Howard Coray (1817-1908)
    to Martha Lewis, Aug. 2, 1889. Letter from Coray to his daughter-family problems, questions of faith, polygamy, stories of Joseph Smith in Nauvoo. Some unique information. Holograph CHL.
  • John Corrill (1794-1843)
    History of the Mormons. Corrill’s history published following his departure from the LDS Church. Publ. 1839.
  • Oliver Cowdery (1806-1850)
    September 1835 account by Cowdery of restoration of Aaronic Priesthood. Cowdery uses language from the recently translated book of Abraham text.
  • Oliver Cowdery (1806-1850)
    Cowdery’s published history of early Mormonism. (Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate)
  • Oliver Cowdery (1806-1850)
    Letters from Cowdery to various. Stanley R. Gunn, Oliver Cowdery: Second Elder and Scribe, Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1962.
  • Oliver Cowdery (1806-1850)
    Sketches of Cowdery. Andrew Jensen, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia and others.
  • Cordelia Cox (1823-1915)
    Autobiographical note on her rejection and later acceptance of plural marriage to Joseph Smith. Holograph HBLL written 1909.
  • Caroline Crosby (1807)-1883)
    Autobiography covering the period 1807-1838. Holograph Utah State Historical Society. Publ. in Women’s Voices (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1982), pp. 46-57.
  • Jonathan Crosby (1807-1892)
    Autobiography covering the period 1807-1852. Holograph Utah State Historical Society.
  • Jesse W. Crosby (1820-1893)
    Autobiography covering the period 1820-1846. Conversion. Nauvoo. Missionary experiences. Typescript HBLL.
  • William Davis (1795-1883)
    Biography covering the period of his life. Various experiences in Missiouri,Nauvoo and Utah. Typescript in the city library, Brigham City, Utah.
  • Sarah McKee Davis (1799-1888)
    Biography covering the period of her life. Wife of William Davis. Ms in posession of the family.
  • Philo Dibble (1806-1895)
    Autobiography covering the period 1806-1843. Various experiences with Joseph Smith including founding of Nauvoo. Publ. in FOUR FAITH PROMOTING CLASSICS(Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1968), pp. 74-96.
  • William Draper (1807-1886)
    Autobiography covering the period 1807-1881. Events in Kirtland and Nauvoo, journey to the west. Activities in Utah. Typescript HBLL.
  • Chapman Duncan (1812-1900)
    Autobiography covering the period 1812-1846. Typescript HBLL.
  • Tamma Durfee (1813-1885)
    Autobiography of Tamma Durfee. Baptized 1831. Traveled with Saints through Kirtland, Missouri, Illinois and Utah. Early preaching. Heard Joseph Smith preach in Ohio in early 1830s and in Nauvoo 1840s. Father murdered by mob in Lima, Illinois. Widowed January 1848. Crossed plains by ox team. Life in Utah.
  • Esaias Edwards (1811-1897)
    Autobiography covering the period 1811-1847. Trials and healings. Nauvoo, journey to the west. Typescript HBLL.
  • Joseph Fielding (1797-1863)
    Nauvoo journal of Joseph Fielding. Holograph in LDS Archives, Salt Lake City. This version edited by Andrew F. Ehat.
  • Mary Fielding (1801-1852)
    Letters written 1837 by Mary Fielding. Events at Kirtland, Ohio.
  • Warren Foote (1817-1903)
    Autobiography and journal covering the period 1817-1846. Typescript HBLL.
  • Robert Gardner (1819-1906)
    Autobiography covering the period 1819-1848. Typescript HBLL.
  • Eliza Gibbs (1813-1900)
    Autobiography covering the period 1813-1857. Written 1890. Typescript Utah State Historical Society.
  • John H. Gilbert 
    Recollections of typesetter for the first edition of the Book of Mormon. Written 1892.
  • John P. Greene (1793-1844)
    Statements regarding persecution of Mormons in Missouri. Publ. 1839.
  • Isaac C. Haight (1813-1886)
    Autobiography covering the period 1813-1846. Early history and journal entries. Missionary journeys. Nauvoo police. Typescript HBLL.
  • Aroet Lucious Hale (1828-1911)
    Journal covering the period 1828-1856. Typescript HBLL.
  • Autobiographies of Mary Hales, Charles Hales and Stephen Hales
    Various periods. Printed by Skyline Printing, Tucson, Arizona, 1985.
  • Levi Hancock (1803-1882)
    Autobiography of Levi Hancock covering the period 1803-1836. Typescript HBLL.
  • Mosiah Lyman Hancock (1834-1907)
    Autobiography covering the period 1834-1865. Typescript HBLL.
  • Martin Harris (1783-1875)
    Biographical sketch taken from Andrew Jensen’s LDS Biographical Encyclopedia.
  • Martin Harris (1783-1885)
    Joel Tiffany’s 1859 interview with Martin Harris. Harris gives some information on his early encounters with Joseph Smith. Some of his memories are obviously dimmed by time, but his unique position makes his narrative important. Compare Millennial Star 44, no. 5, 78-9; no. 6, 86-7; 48, no. 23, 366-8.
  • Lorenzo H. Hatch (1826-1910)
    Autobiography and journal covering the period 1826-1846. Typescript HBLL.
  • Joseph Holbrook (1806-1885)
    Autobiography and journal covering the period 1806-1846. Typescript HBLL.
  • John Meirs Horner (1821-1907)
    Autobiography and biographical notes covering the period 1821-1904. Baptized 1840, comes to Nauvoo, 1843. Brief comments on Nauvoo situation. Sailed on Brooklyn to California. Life in California.
  • Joseph Hovey (1812-1868)
    Autobiography covering the period 1812-1847. Typescript HBLL.
  • Oliver B. Huntington (1823-1909)
    Autobiography and journal covering the period 1823-1844. Interesting accounts of author’s missionary journeys. Experiences in Kirtland, Far West, Nauvoo. Typescript HBLL.
  • Prescindia L. Huntington (1810-1892)
    Autobiography published in Tullidge’s The Women of Mormondom 1877.
    Experience at Kirtland Temple, visits Joseph Smith in Liberty jail.
  • William Huntington, Sr. (1784-1846)
    Autobiography/journal. Joins LDS 1835. Kirtland, Missouri happenings.
    Nauvoo temple. Rebaptism and baptism for dead. Expositor, martyrdom.
    Dies at Pisgah on trek westward.
  • Marinda Hyde (1815-1886)
    Autobiography from Tullidge. Name is listed variously as Marinda Nancy Hyde and Nancy Mirinda Hyde (maiden name Johnson).
  • Orson Hyde (1805-1878)
    Autobiography of early LDS Apostle as published in The Latter-day Saints’ Millennial Star vol. 26 (1864).
  • William Hyde (1818-1874)
    Autobiography and journal covering the period 1818-1846. HBLL.
  • Levi Jackman (1797-1876)
    Autobiographical sketch covering the period 1797-1833. Various events in the Church. 1833 Missouri troubles. Missionary and family experiences. Journal of westward trek. Typescript HBLL.
  • Benjamin F. Johnson (1818-1905)
    Excerpt from published autobiography My Life’s Review covering the period 1818-1846. Final labors with Emma Smith to come west. Also the well-known letter to George S. Gibbs.
  • Jesse Walker Johnstun (1820-1860)
    Recounts conversion to the Church in Ohio in 1837, and experiences in Far West, Missouri, particularly at the time of mob disturbances there. Johnstun tells of his move to Quincy, Illinois, activities in Hancock County, and missionary travels in Illinois in 1842. Includes family genealogy and later entries made by family members. Manuscript and Typescript LDS Church History Library.
  • Joel H. Johnson (1802-1882)
    Autobiographical sketch covering the period 1802-1868. Typescript HBLL.
  • Joel H. Johnson (1802-1882)
    Tells of family tradition regarding Johnson’s writing of the well-known Mormon hymn “High on the Mountain Top”.
  • Joel H. Johnson (1802-1882) 
    Journal of Joel H. Johnson, Volume 1, covering the period 1802-1858. Typescript by family members.
  • Joel H. Johnson (1802-1882)
    Journal of Joel H. Johnson, Volume 2, covering the period April 1857 to December 1858. Typescript by family members.
  • Joel H. Johnson (1802-1882)
    Journal of Joel H. Johnson, Volume 3, covering the period December 1858 to January 1861. Typescript by family members.
  • Joel H. Johnson (1802-1882)
    Journal of Joel H. Johnson, Volume 4, covering the period March 1861 to June 1882. Typescript by family members.
  • Luke Samuel Johnson (1807-1861)
    Luke S. Johnson was the son of John Johnson, friend and benefactor of Joseph Smith in Ohio. Luke Johnson became one of the original members of the Twelve Apostles (1835). He was excommunicated in 1837. Rejoined the Church following the death of Joseph Smith and lived in Utah until his death.
  • Josiah Jones (?)
    Article, History of the Mormonites, appeared in The Evangelist June 1, 1841. Anti-Mormon article by a former resident of Kirtland during the period when members of the LDS Church began to populate the region. Important early Mormons mentioned.
  • Zadoc K. Judd (1827-1909)
    Autobiography written at age 75 (excerpt) covering the period 1827-1848. Mormon Battalion journey. Typescript HBLL.
  • William H. Kelley
    Statements by former neighbors of the Joseph Smith, Sr. family collected by RLDS Apostle William H. Kelley and published in 1881.
  • Heber C. Kimball (1801-1868)
    Extracts of Kimball’s journal covering various periods together with letters and other items. Published in various sources. Kimball was not an educated man and his unedited journal reflects this in its spelling and grammar. He sometimes had his journal kept by other men following the example of Joseph Smith. The letters and journal entries quoted here appear as edited in the published sources. These sources sometimes have remarks inserted which are not Kimball’s although they no doubt reflect his thought.
  • Vilate Kimball (1806-1867)
    Autobiography of Vilate (Murray) Kimball covering the period 1806-1837. Wife of early LDS Apostle Heber C. Kimball. From Tullidge’s The Women of Mormondom, 1877.
  • Vilate Kimball (1806-1867)
    Letters from Vilate (Murray) Kimball to her husband Heber C. Kimball, June 1844. Shows attitudes of Latter-day Saints in the precarious political situation of the time. From Ronald K. Esplin, “Life in Nauvoo, June 1844: Vilate Kimball’s Martyrdom Letters,” BYU Studies 1979.
  • Joseph C. Kingsbury (1812-1898)
    Kingsbury’s recollections of Kirtland (baptized 1832), Missouri, and Nauvoo. Blessings from Joseph Smith Sr. and Joseph Smith Jr. Polygamy. Nauvoo temple. Journey west. Founding of Utah, etc. Diaries housed at Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, Univ. of Utah.
  • Joseph Knight, Sr. (1772-1847)
    Recollections of Joseph Knight, Sr. regarding his early experiences with Joseph Smith, Jr. Holograph LDS archives.
  • Newel Knight (1800-1847)
    Autobiography covering the period 1800-1846. Some material excerpted from History of the Church. Subject of what is often called the first miracle of the restored Church.
  • Vinson Knight (1804-1842)
    Letter from Knight to William Cooper dated February 3, 1839. Regarding difficulties of Mormons in Missouri. Typescript HBLL.
  • Charles Lambert (1816-1892) 
    England. Conversion and missionary experiences. Nauvoo living. Nauvoo Temple. Reminiscent accounts of Joseph Smith sermons. Plural marriage. Going west. Winter Quarters. Utah experiences – Johnston’s army. Construction engineer. Typescript LDS Church Archives.
  • George Laub (1814-1880)
    Autobiographical statements based in part on excerpts of author’s journal covering the period 1814-1846. Some of Joseph Smith’s sermons. Typescript HBLL.
  • George Laub (1814-1880)
    George Laub’s journal of Nauvoo happenings. Some of Joseph Smith’s sermons. Holograph LDS archives, edited by Eugene England.
  • Francis Lee (1811-1866)
    Sketch covering the period his life. Brief remarks regarding residence in Missouri, Nauvoo and Utah. Ms. in possession of the family.
  • T. Edgar Lyon and Nauvoo history
    Recollections of the late T. Edgar Lyon, historian of Nauvoo Restoration, Inc. Lyon tells of “old Nauvooers” in Salt Lake City and their stories of Nauvoo.
  • Isaac Leany (1815-1873)
    Biography by grandson William Leany covering period 1815-1847. Typescript HBLL.
  • William Leany (1815-1891)
    Autobiography covering the period 1815-1865. Typescript HBLL.
  • Sarah Leavitt (1798-1878)
    Autobiography covering the period 1798-1847. HBLL.
  • Mary Lightner (1818-1913)
    Autobiographical statements. Experience with Book of Mormon. Plural wife of Joseph Smith. Introduction to Plural marriage. RLDS Church. Publ. Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine July 1926.
  • Lyman O. Littlefield (1819-1893)
    Autobiography and journal covering the period 1819-1848. Self published, 1888, Logan, Utah. Various events in LDS history. Missouri persecutions. Additional autobiographical remarks (see chapter III) of Lucy Walker Kimball on Haun’s mill, sayings of Joseph Smith, polygamy and persecutions. Worked as compositor, Times and Seasons. Departure to the west.
  • Amasa Lyman (1813-1877)
    Autobiography covering the period 1813-1844. Publ. The Latter-day Saints’ Millennial Star, 1865. Early LDS Apostle.
  • Eliza Partridge Lyman (1820-1885)
    Autobiography covering the period 1820-1847. Plural wife of Joseph Smith and later Amasa Lyman. Typescript HBLL.
  • Wandle Mace
    Autobiography covering the period 1809-1846. Experiences with Joseph Smith. Nauvoo. Typescript HBLL.
  • Thomas B. Marsh (1799-1866)
    Autobiography covering the period 1799-1838. Early LDS Apostle. Publ. The Latter-day Saints’ Millennial Star 1864.
  • Mary Maughan (1817-1901)
    Autobiography covering the period 1840-1841. From Godfrey, et al., Women’s Voices1982.
  • Daniel D. McArthur (1820-1856)Autobiography covering the period 1820-1846. Typescript HBLL.
  • James McBride (1818-1876)
    Autobiography covering the period 1818-1846. Typescript HBLL.
  • Reuben McBride (1803-1891)
    Letter to his sister concerning Nauvoo incident. McBride was first person baptized for dead in Nauvoo temple font (1842?). From photocopy of original in hands of relatives.
  • William E. McLellin (1806-1883)
    History of McLellin as published in the Star1864. McLellin’s journals have been published.
  • Priddy Meeks (1795-1886)
    Autobiographical remarks. Meeks was a Thomosonian doctor. Fascinating episodes and ideas of early medicine. Polygamy. Southern Utah living. Appeared in Utah Historical Quarterly, 1939.
  • Reuben Miller (1811-1882)
    Letter from Miller to Henry Eriksen dated November 16, 1848. Original with Eriksen family.
  • George Moore (1811-1847)
    Diary of Reverend George Moore who visited Nauvoo in 1842. Holograph Harvard University archives.
  • Isaac Morley (1786-1865)
    Biographical sketch by Cordelia Cox, his daughter. Holograph, HBLL.
  • George Morris (1816-1897)
    Autobiography covering the period 1816-1849. Early life in England. Events at Nauvoo. Trek west. Miracle of gulls. Typescript HBLL
  • John Murdock (1792-1871)
    Journal and autobiographical comments. Well known associate of Joseph Smith. Covers period from 1792 to 1864. Typescript HBLL.
  • Alexander Neibaur (1808-1883)
    Journal covers 1841-1848. Neibaur arrived in Nauvoo 1841. Journey from England. Shipboard dramas. Friend and teacher to Joseph Smith. Interesting accounts of incidents in Nauvoo. First Vision recital. Happenings in Nauvoo post Feb. 1846. Holograph CHL.
  • Joseph Bates Noble (1810-1900)
    Journal covers 1810-1834. Typescript HBLL.
  • Mary Noble (1810-1900)
    Autobiography covering the period 1810-1835. Typescript HBLL
  • Jacob Norton (1804-1879)
    Autobiography covering the period 1804-1847. Nauvoo. Winter Quarters. Norton went in the “pioneer” company to the Salt Lake Valley. Typescript HBLL.
  • David Osborn (1807-1893)
    Autobiography covering the period 1807-1853. Typescript HBLL.
  • William Pace (1832-1907)
    Autobiography covering the period 1832-1847. Nauvoo. Mormon Battalion. Typescript HBLL.
  • John Pack (1809-1885)
    Autobiography-Journal covering 1809-1849. Joined the Mormons March 1833. Patriarchal blessings Joseph Smith, Sr. Brief references to Missouri, Nauvoo. Getting ready to cross the plains. Departs on mission to France. Interesting remarks on adoption. Transcribed from Pack family records by Brad Pack.
  • Julia Pack (1817-1903)
    Autobiography covering the period 1817-1896. Brief recollections. Appeared in Our Pioneer Heritage Vol. 9 (1966).
  • Noah Packard (1796-1860)
    Autobiography covering the period 1796-1860. Typescript HBLL.
  • John E. Page (1799-1867)
    History published in the Star 1865. Page was an early LDS Apostle.
  • Emily Partridge (1824-1899)
    Autobiography, publ. 1885. Typescript HBLL. Early memories, Missouri persecutions. Plural wife of Joseph Smith and then Brigham Young. Daughter of first Mormon bishop, Edward Partridge. Covers period 1824-1833. Full bio in Women’s Exponent 1884, 1885.
  • David Patten (1800-1838)
    Extracts of various journals about Patten, one the original LDS Apostles. Killed during Missouri troubles. Appeared in the Star 1864.
  • William W. Phelps (1792-1872)
    Letters of Phelps from Kirtland, Ohio 1835-1836. LDS Archives.
  • Edward Phillips (1813-1896)
    One of United Brethen preachers baptized by Wilford Woodruff in England. Worked on Nauvoo Temple. Heard Joseph preach. Martydom. Crossing the plains, early Utah settlements. Typescript in hands of family members.
  • Nathan T. Porter (1820-1897)
    Autobiography covering the period 1820-1878. Conversion of family. Missouri. Nauvoo. Missions. Trek west. From family papers.
  • Orson Pratt (1811-1881) Journals 1811-1838. Publ. The Orson Pratt Journals (ed. Elden J. Watson, 1975). One of original LDS Apostles.
  • Orson Pratt (1811-1881) 
    Orson Pratt on the authenticity of the Book of Mormon, Pamphlet, Liverpool, 1850. Narrative of early Mormon history.
  • Orson Pratt (1811-1881)
    Pratt writes on the LDS views of the Father and the Son. Comments on Joseph Smith.
  • Parley Parker Pratt (1807-1857)
    Autobiography covering the period 1807-1857. Published at various times. One of the original LDS Apostles. Most prolific of early LDS writers.
  • Parley Parker Pratt
    Star history of Pratt. Publ. 1864.
  • P. P. Pratt’s history of LDS persecution in Missouri
    Publ. 1839
  • John Pulsipher (1827-1891)
    Autobiography covering the period 1827-1891. Typescript HBLL.
  • Mariah Pulsipher (1822-1893)
    Autobiography covering the period 1822-1850. Publ. Skyline Printing, Tucson, Arizona 1985.
  • Mary Pulsipher (1799-1886)
    Autobiography covering the period 1799-1880. Typescript HBLL.
  • Zerah Pulsipher (1789-1872)
    Autobiography covering the period 1803-1862. Typescript HBLL.
  • Josiah Quincy, Jr. (1802-1882)
    The future mayor of Boston visits the west with his cousin Charles Francis Adams. Stops in Nauvoo and spends a day with Joseph Smith. Account supposedly based on his unavailable diary but narrative differs at a number of significant points with the detailed diary of his traveling companion, Adams (son of John Quincy Adams). Excerpt from Quincy’s book.
  • Sally Randall (1805-?)
    Letters from Nauvoo (1843) to her family in New England. In Godfrey, Womens’s Voices1982.
  • Mary Rich (1829-1912)
    Autobiography covering the period 1829-1846. Typescript HBLL.
  • Sarah Rich (1814-1893)
    Autobiography and journal covering the period 1814-1893. Missouri experiences. Nauvoo exodus. Wife of LDS Apostle Charles C. Rich. Typescript HBLL.
  • Hepzibah Richards (1795-1838)
    Sister of LDS Apostle Willard Richards. Letters 1838. Details of Kirtland apostasy. Financial problems of Church. Attempts by dissenters to obtain papyri and Church records foiled. LDS Archives.
  • Rhoda Richards (1784-1879)
    Autobiographical remarks. From Tullidge’s book The Women of Mormondom 1877.
  • Willard Richards (1804-1854)
    History of the LDS Apostle and counselor to Brigham Young. From the Star 1865.
  • Ebenezer Robinson (1816-1891)
    Autobiography covering the period 1832-1843. Publ. by the author 1888.
  • Joseph Lee Robinson (1811-1893)
    Autobiography, journal and reminiscences of Joseph Lee Robinson. Arrived in Nauvoo early 1840s. Memories of Joseph Smith, doctrine. Polygamy, early Utah. Published by family members. Warning: This is a link to a large pdf file.
  • James Rollins (1816-1899)
    Autobiography covering the period 1816-1839. Brother of Mary Rollins Lightner. Typescript HBLL.
  • Allen Russell (1824-1919)
    Autobiography and journal covering the period 1824 to 1912. Recollections of Nauvoo, crossing the plains. Journal entries of Utah period. Typescript in possession of family. Holograph at LDS Archives.
  • Luman Shurtliff (1807-1884)
    Autobiography covering 1807-1847. Early life, Missouri persecution. Typescript HBLL.
  • Bathsheba W. Bigler Smith (1822-1910)
    Autobiography and journal covering the period 1822-1906. Wife of LDS Apostle George A. Smith. Also letters to George A. Smith. Nauvoo temple officiator. Typescript HBLL. One letter taken from Gearge A. Smith papers, CHL.
  • Joseph Smith (1805-1844)
    Ohio segment of Joseph Smith’s life as recalled by various in the Journal of Discourses.
  • Joseph Smith (1805-1844)
    Recollections of Joseph Smith by various persons. Publ. in Juvenile Instructor 1892.
  • Joseph Smith (1805-1844)
    Joseph Smith’s account of Church history to Daniel Rupp. Text very close to the so-called “Wentworth Letter.”
  • William C. Staines (1818-1881)
    Reminiscences of William C. Staines. Appeared in The Contibutor 1890.
  • Diary of Sarah Stoddard (1805-1846)
    Journal 1843-1848. Experiences in Nauvoo, son Charles a house-boy of Joseph Smith and William Law. After Sarah’s death, diary kept by her daughter Rebecca Stoddard. Holograph in possession of Stoddard family.
  • Allen Stout (1815-1889)
    Journal 1815-1848. Missouri, Nauvoo, Winter Quarters. Typescript HBLL.
  • Hosea Stout (1810-1889)
    Diary for the period Oct. 1844-1846. Detailed happenings in Nauvoo. Plural Marriage. Mob troubles. Typescript HBLL.
  • John Taylor (1808-1887)
    John Taylor, early LDS Apostle and President of Church following Brigham Young. A selection of his speeches relating to Joseph Smith.
  • Martha Thomas (1808-1885)
    Autobiography covering the years 1812-1847. Publ. by family 1927. Contains sayings of Joseph Smith, somewhat unique.
  • Nancy Tracy (1816-1902)
    Autobiography covering the years 1816-1846. Ohio, Missouri, Nauvoo, Council Bluffs. Typescript HBLL.
  • William L. Watkins (1827-1911)
    Autobiography covering the period 1827-1846. Baptized, England. Nauvoo. Joseph Smith’s activities. Travels. Typescript HBLL.
  • William S. West
    Mormon critic William S. West’s 1837 pamphlet telling of his visit to Kirtland, Ohio. West encounters various Mormons, discusses the book of Abraham and quotes D&C 104. Copy HBLL.
  • John Whitmer’s history of the Church
    John Whitmer, Book of Mormon witness and early LDS historian. Whitmer kept a brief history of the Mormon Church up to about 1837, taking over the responsibility from Oliver Cowdery. Whitmer became critical of Joseph Smith and left the Church; the last few chapters were written after Whitmer was excommunicated.
  • Elizabeth Ann Whitney (1800-1882)
    Autobiography publ. in Tullidge. Wife of Newel K. Whitney.
  • Helen Whitney (1828-1896)
    Autobiography and anecdotes about early LDS personalities. Nauvoo events. Plural marriage. Daughter of Heber C. Kimball.
  • Lyman Wight (1796-1858)
    History of Wight published in the Star 1865. Early LDS Apostle. First man ordained high priest. After death of Joseph Smith led group of Mormons to Texas.
  • Orange Wight (1823-1907)
    Recollections of Orange Wight, son of Lyman Wight prominent early LDS figure. Typescript HBLL.
  • Diedrich Willers (1798?-?)
    Willers was a New York minister. 1830 Letter to other preachers regarding the history of Mormonism. Mentions early LDS personalities. Reviews portion of Book of Mormon.
  • Witnesses of the Book of Mormon
    Preston Nibley’s sketches from his book, publ. 1958.
  • Autobiography of Daniel Wood (1800-1892)
    Letters to his brother in 1868. Early missionary experiences. Winter Quarters.
  • Phebe Woodruff (1807-1885)
    Wife of Wilford Woodruff (early LDS Apostle and President of the Church in the 1890s). Autobiography of Phebe appeared in Tullidge’s book, 1877.
  • Wilford Woodruff (1807-1898)
    History of Woodruff publ. in Star 1865. Early LDS Apostle and later President of the Church, 1889-1898.
  • Brigham Young manuscript history, 1801-1844
    Ms history of Young, his journal record covering the period 1801-1844. Publ. 1968 by Elden J. Watson.